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Martin Contracting, Inc. is a comprehensive provider of underground utility construction based in Richmond, KY.  We have extensive experience in natural gas, water and wastewater pipeline projects. Since our founding in 2012, Martin Contracting continues to expand our list of satisfied clients.


Experience and expertise marks the Martin difference. From the beginning of your project to its end, our team of technical professionals ensure construction success and financially sound results. Martin Contracting, Inc. is a family-run business whose roots run deep in underground utility construction. Strong values and a sincere commitment to service excellence in all facets of your underground utility project is the trademark of our continued success. We believe quality outcomes are the benchmark of the Martin business model and ‘Safety First’ has and always will be our mantra.


Our Mission

To exceed our client's expectations and continually excel in every facet of the pipeline project. Quality outcomes for our Clients, Employee Safety, and Continued Excellence are our first priorities.

Core Services

Martin Contracting, Inc. is the region’s choice for pipeline construction projects, both large and small. We have extensive experience and seasoned professionals in place to handle your next pipeline project. Martin provides safe, efficient utility construction in all types of climates and we excel in digging in all types of soil.  Our reputation for quality construction and integrity assures you a job well-done. Our dedicated teams are constantly on site maintaining and providing oversight to ensure accuracy and quality outcomes. We provide innovative solutions to meet your specific requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our services consist of, but are not limited to:

Natural Gas

  • Transmission Main Line Construction

  • Natural Gas Distribution and Service Installation

  • Hot Tapping - Stopping and Plugging; Steel mains from 3/4" up to 8" high pressure

  • Pigging Stations

  • Cathodic Protection

  • Pipeline Anomaly Repairs


  • Distribution Services and Main

  • Wet Tap

  • Booster Station Construction

Waste Water

  • Gravity Sewer

  • Deep Gravity Sewer

  • Force Main

  • List Station Construction

  • Concrete Structures

Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Natural Gas Services and Mains

  • Water Services and Mains

  • Force Main

Emergency Response 24/7

Emergency response to your urgent needs is the key to successful outcomes. Our experienced teams are prepared around the clock perform planned, routine and maintenance needs.

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